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Disconnect to Reconnect: Find Yourself in Nature

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Acomodação em Piracanga

Everyday routine leads us to situations that make it difficult to be in a state of peace, calm, and connection.

In a hurry, with a thousand of things to be resolved, and we leave aside the moments of self-care.

In this way we can’t have a healthy diet or take care of our body, mind, and emotions. This rhythm often leads us to a life without much purpose and meaning.

What to do? How do we break these repetitive patterns?

“If we want different results, we must do things differently.”


Located in Piracanga Eco Village, Bahia, Brazil.

We’ve meticulously crafted this retreat with a unique reconnection program, designed to inspire and empower you to transform your life.

During the 7-day Unah Immersion retreat, you’ll delve into profound connections with nature, the local community, and most importantly, yourself.

Throughout this week, you’ll undergo deeply transformative experiences, immersing yourself in a lifestyle that may exceed anything you’ve ever imagined possible.

Ecovila Piracanga

“You are entering Piracanga”

Participants share how it was

Hundreds of participants, from +20 countries, have experienced deep transformations in Unah Immersion Retreat.





“I am leaving very happy, with a lot of love and a new perspective on my life! A change of habits, of worldview.”

– Ana, Brazil

“I came here to spend my birthday. It was the best gift I could have given myself and the best gift anyone could give themselves.”

– Magna, Brazil

“Life is very simple, we don’t need much….
We just need a week in Unah to realize it!”


– Kate, Germany

“Connecting deeply with yourself… in a light, loving way. Renews the body, soul, and spirit! Experiencing this is surreal!”

– Débora, Brazil

When can I go?

Imersão Piracanga

You choose the dates! Unah Immersion retreat happens weekly.

Check out the upcoming editions:

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4 main pillars make up this experience:
Detox Piracanga Retiro Imersão Unah

Depending on the way we live, our body receives a huge amount of toxic things, which accumulate in it, until it results in a more serious problem.

In this immersion, you will have the opportunity to perform a deep cleansing of your body.

From food to the hygiene products you will use, everything is carefully thought out to purify and strengthen your body.

We are responsible for our own happiness. If we can’t take care of ourselves, we won’t be able to do that for others and the planet either.

We need to relearn how to provide ourselves with experiences and moments of connection, affection, affection, and love. For this, you will have access to a wide menu of activities designed for this purpose.

Whether in daily yoga practices, getting an amazing massage, learning to surf, participating in a mantra circle, dancing in a circle, or any other activities that will be at your disposal.

Yoga Piracanga
Piracanga Estilo de Vida

The traditional way of living often becomes too complex… There are many things to solve, care for and support. At the same time we distance ourselves more and more from each other, to the point of barely knowing who lives behind the next door.

You will have contact with a simpler and more collective lifestyle. Where “to be” is more important than “to have”. Where relationships are deeper and true.

Over the last few centuries, we have lost connection with our origin, where we came from, and where we are from. The truth is that we, Human Beings, are Nature and we evolve along with it.

Contact with Nature is a necessary medicine for our species. A way to recharge ourselves, relieve anxiety, strengthen ourselves, and reconnect with life.

Piracanga has an extremely exuberant nature, joining a deserted beach, with a river of clean water, forests, and mangroves.

Here you will be able to experience what it is really like to live in Nature. and in constant contact with her. From watching the sun rise over the sea, seeing the starry sky at night, listening to the sound of the waves, bathing in the river, and walking barefoot in contact with the earth.

Retiro Imersão Unah Piracanga Natureza

transformations you can expect


Healthier body, willing, strengthened immune system.


More peace, tranquility, emotional balance and focus.


Greater connection to your purpose and meaning in life.

How does it work in practice?

Experience in Piracanga

During this week, in Brazil’s largest ecovillage, you will get in touch with the vibrant local community.

With a great diversity of people, from different parts of the world, it will be a time to broaden your vision of the world and discover many new things.

A much more balanced lifestyle, connected with Nature and with purpose.

Cursos Piracanga
Atividades e Yoga Piracanga
Activities and Therapies

In addition to long rest breaks for you to enjoy nature and explore Piracanga, we have selected activities that will help you to integrate everything you will be experiencing during these days in Piracanga.

Among the activities already included in this experience are Daily Yoga Practices, Food Workshop, Guided Tour, Mantra Wheel, Medicinal Sauna, Forró, and more!

Other Therapies and Separate Activities*:

In addition to the activities already included, you can customize your experience with the various additional activities offered on our menu.
Among them: are massages, surf lessons, medicinal mud baths, dance, various holistic therapies, bike rides along the beach, and many others.

*Not included in the immersion price.

100% Plant based diet

Embark on a culinary adventure during your retreat!

Experience a whole new way of nourishing your body and soul.

During your Unah Immersion retreat, you’ll embark on a culinary journey that will transform your perspective on healthy eating.

We’re not about deprivation or sacrificing flavor; instead, we’ll show you how a 100% plant-based diet can be both incredibly delicious and incredibly nourishing.

Our chefs have carefully crafted a balanced and delectable menu, featuring wholesome meals served in our cozy restaurant. All your meals are included in the Unah Immersion package:

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

Embrace the power of plant-based cuisine and discover a new level of vitality and well-being during your Unah Immersion retreat.

Restaurante Vegano Piracanga
Acomodação Piracanga
Eco-Friendly Accommodations

We offer a variety of accommodation options, to suit your preferences. Varying from private suites to shared dormitories.

Every accommodation is designed for your comfort and connection with nature, offering:

  • Hot showers

  • Mosquito nets

  • Bed linens and bath towels

  • Balconies with hammocks

  • Choose between eco-friendly dry toilets and conventional bathrooms to suit your preference.


Unah Immersion retreat is offered weekly, continuously, so you choose the week you prefer to come and participate!

ashtanga yoga

Meals are served in our restaurant, always at the following times:

  • Breakfast: from 8 am to 9:30 am
  • Lunch: from 12:30 to 14:00
  • Dinner: from 18:30 to 20:00

During the program, you will have several free moments, either to rest and enjoy the beach, the river, and nature, or to engage in some of the individual therapies and activities offered in our experiences catalog.

Among them are: massages (of various types), holistic therapies, outdoor activities, surfing lessons, bike rides, etc.



  • Arrival
  • Circular Dance | 20h


  • Yoga | 6:30h
  • Opening Meeting | 9:30h
  • Guided Tour | 14:30h
  • Activities | 20h


  • Yoga | 6:30h
  • Nature as Lifestyle | 10h
  • Power of Water | 14:30h


  • Yoga | 6:30h
  • Mood Bath | 10h
  • Activities | 20h


  • Yoga | 6:30h
  • Get to know Almar School | 14:30h


  • Yoga | 6:30h
  • The 4 Agreements | 10h
  • Closing Meeting | 14:30h


  • Yoga | 6:30h
  • Breakfast
  • Departure

Activities and schedules may vary depending on the availability of the facilitators during the week. You will receive the official schedule the morning of your first day in Unah.


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Diego Wawrzeniak

Creator of the Unah Immersion retreat. He exchanged the financial market for a more balanced life and has been living in Piracanga for 10 years, where he develops various projects. He is responsible for the courses, retreats, and experiences at Unah. @diegowawrzeniak

Vinícius Valente

He has been living in Piracanga for over 8 years, is the host of the Unah Immersion, and is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor, facilitating daily practices at Unah Piracanga.

Juliana Faber

Guardian of Piracanga's waters. Founder of Plante!, responsible for the production of our biodegradable products. She arrived in Piracanga over 10 years ago.

Mara Sousa

Mara Sousa has been living in Piracanga for over 6 years. She facilitates workshops and experiences in dance, movement, and forró.

Adriana Porchat

As a hostess at Unah Piracanga, she has been living in Piracanga for over 6 years and has participated in numerous local projects. She is responsible for hospitality and accommodations at Unah Piracanga.

Gabriel Jacob

Gabriel Jacob is an ecologist and agroforester who has been living for years solely on what he grows on his farm, the Essence of the Earth.

Frederico Behrends

As the head of Almar School, she facilitates experiences and workshops on Transformative Education, teaching the principles of a more democratic, humane, and respectful education.


Guardian of the mangroves and sea turtles, he is a descendant of the Pataxó indigenous tribe. He offers profound experiences of reconnecting with nature.


Banheiro Seco Piracanga

It is very important that you understand and share our coexistence agreements while in Piracanga:

  • We only use 100% biodegradable products: this care is essential to keep our water source pure. You will receive a gift kit on your arrival.
    We maintain a 100% vegan diet at the Unah center.
  • It is not allowed to use or remain under the influence of any type of drug (alcohol, marijuana and others) inside Piracanga.
  • All waste produced must be cleaned, separated and sent to the recycling center.
  • Pets are not allowed, as they hunt and scare the wild fauna that already lives here.


Praia de Piracanga

+20 ACTIVITIES, EXPERIENCES, WORKSHOPS, AND INTEGRATIVE PRACTICES: Daily yoga sessions, workshops, mantras, guided tours, circular dances, nature experiences, and more.

6 NIGHTS OF ACCOMMODATION: Includes: bedding, towel, mosquito net, hot water, balcony with hammock, and Wi-Fi in common areas. In the accommodation option that best suits your needs.

ALL MEALS: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, 100% plant-based, prepared and served in our restaurant.

100% BIODEGRADABLE HYGIENE KIT: soap, shampoo, and toothpaste. Other items can be purchased in our shops.

PERSONAL TRANSLATOR: Portuguese <> English, who will accompany you during all activities.

EXTRA THERAPIES AND ACTIVITIES MENU*: over 30 experiences to customize your immersion. Massages, learning to surf, bike rides, and more. (*individual activities not included in the immersion package)



The values for the Unah immersion retreat starts from:

R$ 3.646 (aprox. US$ 710)

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