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Unah Piracanga
What is "UNAH"

Unah” means “seed.”

This small grain contains all the information necessary for life to happen. Even the largest of trees was once a small seed.

When someone comes to participate in the retreats we offer here, we believe that we are planting seeds within each one. Seeds of awareness, self-care, respect, and cooperation.

Over time, these seeds germinate and grow, until new seeds are created and spread around.

We are a private organization, created and maintained by local entrepreneurs, residents, and friends of Piracanga.


Unah is located in the eco-village of Piracanga, facing a clean water river and a paradisiacal beach, on the Maraú Peninsula, Bahia.

The nearest international airport is in Salvador, which receives daily flights from Europe and the USA. From Salvador, you should take a 1-hour flight to Ilhéus, and from there a 2-hour transfer to Unah.

Getting here is very easy, and we provide all the support you need.

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Unah Piracanga

We believe that as human beings, we need to find new ways to care for ourselves, for those around us, and for the environment.

It is essential for our future as a species that we have new perspectives on how to:

  1. Enhance our self-care
  2. Create more meaningful relationships with others around us
  3. Inhabit this planet in a regenerative way


At Unah, we focus on self-awareness combined with social and environmental consciousness to empower individuals to become protagonists in changing the world around them.


Unah exists to inspire people to reconnect with what truly matters and to make transformations that create a positive impact in their lives and the world.

We do this through the retreats we offer and by setting an example through our actions.

Every year, we welcome thousands of people from all over Brazil and the world, who seek reconnection and inspiration for a new way of living.

These individuals take with them the experiences they had here and, based on them, promote more conscious transformations in their lives.

Retiro Autoconhecimento


To achieve this purpose, we offer transformative experiences such as:

Retiro Imersão Unah

Our flagship program, lasting 7 days, takes place weekly here and has already been approved by over 1,000 participants.

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Retiro de Yoga

Unique and exclusive experiences, are offered at specific times throughout the year, such as the Unah New Year’s Retreat, Unah Carnival Retreat, and other themed retreats.

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Retiro Espiritual

We welcome experienced professionals in their respective fields to lead retreats. These retreats cover various themes curated by us, including Yoga, Tantra, Communication, Holistic Therapy Training, and more.

Acomodação Piracanga

For those who come to participate in retreats or just spend a few days with us, enjoying the open activities offered daily, such as yoga practices, therapies, massages, and more.

Ricardo Barbato retiro Piracanga

A reference in sophisticated, 100% plant-based cuisine, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. It caters to Unah guests and residents of the Piracanga eco-village.

Our Values

Our values point the way we want to go: we strive to do our best, with the certainty that we can always improve.

Valores Unah Prosperidade com Responsabilidade
  • To ensure long-term sustainability in our businesses, creating a lasting positive impact on the community and environment in which we operate.
  • We establish win-win relationships where both sides can develop and prosper.
  • Financial results are not the sole objective. They are as important as the positive impact on the ecosystem in which we are embedded.
Valores Unah Piracanga Pessoas
  • We value people with respect, support, and care.
  • We respect all individuals, regardless of race, beliefs, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • We actively support the groups closest to Unah: our customers, partners, and employees.
  • We prioritize care and prioritize our employees in the decisions we make.
  • We aim to be the best place to work in the world.
Valores Unah Natureza
  • As humanity, we have created systems that are not compatible with long-term life.
  • We believe it is possible to change this reality, and we want to be part of the solution.
  • That’s why we care for nature by setting an example. Our goal is to regenerate nature and ensure that the waters remain clean.
  • We seek to reconnect with nature, understanding ourselves as a part of it.
Valores Unah Autorresposabilidade
  • It’s being part of the solution: what is my responsibility in this?
  • It’s a call to action: what can I do about it?
  • It’s giving and asking for feedback: how can I improve?
  • It’s completing our cycles.
  • It’s changing the world through our daily practices.
Valores Unah Melhoria Contínua
  • We are grateful for what we are and for who we are.
  • We aim to do better and better while honoring and appreciating what has already been done so far.
  • It’s about leaving a place better than you found it, being careful not just to criticize what isn’t good.
  • It’s a place of action and persistence, where we strive to be our best selves day after day.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

We take the impacts of our actions seriously, whether on the local community, the nature that surrounds us, or the planet.

Some of the actions that are part of our daily life and make Unah a reference organization in sustainability and regeneration include:

We hire locally

We give preference to local residents, entrepreneurs, and products.

100% Biodegradable Products

We take care of the waters throughout our operation, including the laundry we operate in the neighboring village near Piracanga.

We do not sell

Processed products, ultra-processed products, and alcoholic beverages.

100% Plant-Based Diet

We do not use any animal-derived products.

We develop human capital

We encourage and create means to develop human capital in our ecosystem.

We do not generate waste.

We do not use disposable items, and we compost 100% of organic waste and toilet paper. Dry waste is separated and sent to local recycling cooperatives.

100% Ecological Sanitation

Water is locally treated with ecological technologies, such as dry toilets, banana circles, and evapotranspiration pits.

We regenerate our soil

With the compost resulting from composting and agroforestry techniques, we regenerate the soil, accelerating forest growth.

Solar Energy

We produce all the energy used in our operation. We are disconnected from the conventional electrical grid (off-grid).

We seek integration

Our physical structure is well-maintained and open for visitors and residents of Piracanga to enjoy.


We provide collective transportation means for employees and local people to come safely to Piracanga on a daily basis.

Support for Local Projects

We support various initiatives that enhance the impact of the ecosystem in which we are located.

HOW WE SUPPORT the LOCAL ecosystem

Beyond our operation, we are part of a rich ecosystem where various local initiatives are developed. We understand that each of them is essential to sustain the work we do here. Some of them include:

Escola Almar Piracanga

The heart of our community, where children from 2 to 12 years old who live here study.

It is a regular school recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC) as a reference in transformative education in the country. It is 100% supported by Piracanga residents, such as parents, educators, and supporters of transformative education.

It uses its own pedagogy, aiming to empower individuals to become protagonists of their own lives and positive transformation in the world around them.

Currently led by Frederico Behrends and Marina Negri, both facilitators of Unah Immersion.

Learn more here >

Created over 12 years ago to care for the waters, it is thanks to Plante that our groundwater is still clean.

To care for the waters and raise awareness about their conscious use, Plante produces personal hygiene and cleaning products that are 100% biodegradable.

In this way, our ecological water treatment systems can filter and absorb these substances and keep our groundwater clean, which is our source of water here.

Created and led by Juliana Faber, a facilitator of Unah Immersion, Plante maintains its main production laboratory in Unah.

Learn more here >

Plante Água Piracanga
Associação Tartarú Piracanga

A project for the awareness and preservation of marine turtles and mangroves.

Thanks to Tartarú, hundreds of marine turtles continue to nest on the beaches near Piracanga.

Created and maintained by the indigenous Batista Pataxó, a facilitator of Unah Immersion.

Learn more here >

Essência Agrofloresta

A project for awareness and the production of agroecological foods. Located in the region of the Santa Maria community settlement, approximately 15 km from Piracanga.

It shows in practice that it is possible to live a more sustainable, healthy, and close-to-the-earth lifestyle. Created by Gabriel Jacob, a facilitator of Unah Immersion.

Learn more here >

Axé Mantras Piracanga

The current formation of the mantra group in Piracanga.

Created and maintained by resident musicians who identify with the Hindu practice of singing to elevate vibrations.

They gather in open performances every Wednesday at 8 PM to transmute, elevate, and have fun.