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Our most sought-after retreat!

Endorsed by over 1,600 participants from 30+ countries, this retreat will help you unleash your inner peace and reconnect with nature in Unah.

It is an immersive 7-day program that combines Detox, Yoga, and Nature experiences to help you rediscover yourself and gain a deeper appreciation for Piracanga’s stunning environment and vibrant local community.

In addition to a vibrant local community, Unah offers an explosion of natural beauty, where pristine beaches meet a crystal-clear river, lush forests, and thriving mangroves.

While activities are conducted in Portuguese, we’ll provide a personal translator to ensure you get the most out of your experience.

6-13, JULY 2024

The Música do Círculo’s Retreat is an experience to live rhythm and music in a new way, immersive and in contact with nature!

The idea is to gather for a week, away from the city, to experience a way of living that prioritizes affection, creativity, cooperation, and a sense of community.

Through vocal and body percussion practices based on games and improvisation, physical activities, dialogue, play, and healthy eating, the retreat creates a space of listening, trust, and playfulness that contributes to individuals developing their musicality, sensitivity, self-confidence, and sense of belonging.

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