Unah Piracanga's agenda

Courses, events and retreats in Piracanga

On this page, you will find all the upcoming retreats that English speakers can participate in without the need for a personal translator. As the facilitators speak Engish themselves or will provide someone to help you.

You can also check our full agenda on this other page, where you will find retreats that are not ready for English speakers, but we can provide you with a personal translator if needed.

September, 23 - 29

The immersion BODY, MOVEMENT, AND NATURE is a 5 days experience with the intention to remind you that we are One with Nature.​

Paddling with kayak along the Piracanga River and its mangroves, cycling along a paradisiacal beach, swimming, running in the woods, surfing, dancing, and other forms of movement and outdoor sports will bridge that will lead us to experience the Oneness with Nature.

For those who love to be in places in direct contact with nature, sun, beach, and forest. If you love or want to start moving more and activate your body in amazing and natural places, get out of the gym and exercise outdoors.

November, 03 - 10

The Wild Body of Love Retreat of Quantum Being is a profound step in your journey of healing, empowerment and liberation.

The teachings are intensive and radical during a seven-day retreat, in which students will be surrounded by breathtaking nature, to really take a big step of integration in their lives, reconnecting mind, heart and sexuality.