Unah Piracanga's agenda

Courses, events and retreats in Piracanga

You can also check our full agenda on this other page, where you will find retreats that are not ready for English speakers, but we can provide you with a personal translator if needed.

Every week, from Saturday till Sunday

The activities are in Portuguese, so we will provide you with a personal translator.

In this program, you will have 7 days of Detox, Yoga, and Nature to reconnect with yourself and deeply know piracanga’s environment and the local community.

Contact with Nature is a necessary medicine for our species. A way to recharge ourselves, relieve anxiety, strengthen ourselves, and reconnect with life.

Piracanga has an extremely exuberant nature, joining a deserted beach, with a river of clean water, forests, and mangroves.

13-20 DE APRIL, 2024

“The Secret of Yoga is an invitation to discover the doors of self-awareness through mindful practice with precise tools, both on and off the mat. Over seven days, we will explore how yoga extends beyond physical postures, connecting body and mind. The essence lies in understanding the divine union, which liberates us from mental suffering, enabling us to live in fullness and love.”

6-13, JULY 2024

The Música do Círculo’s Retreat is an experience to live rhythm and music in a new way, immersive and in contact with nature!

The idea is to gather for a week, away from the city, to experience a way of living that prioritizes affection, creativity, cooperation, and a sense of community.

Through vocal and body percussion practices based on games and improvisation, physical activities, dialogue, play, and healthy eating, the retreat creates a space of listening, trust, and playfulness that contributes to individuals developing their musicality, sensitivity, self-confidence, and sense of belonging.

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