August 19 to 26, 2023
Tha Path Within Toga Retreat

Led by Chanahira Elias and Szymon Wojcik, 7 days retreat with the intention to learn and how to use the practice of Hatha yoga, fisical and mental as a tool to reconnect with nature and so we can restore our connection with our higher self.

The tools that we use in the practice or Sadhana ( that is how we call the practice in Sanscrit) of Hatha yoga, they are pieces and parts of a life way of living that has been practiced for many thousands of years. It is: mudra, puja, mantra, pranayama, krya, asana, yoganidra, samyama.

The meditation practices or Samyama, belong to the most ancient meditation tradition known in India – Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

All the meditation techniques are thought with integrity without any variation or change, exactly they way how has been always thought and still being teaching in these days traditionally for many thousands of years .

the path within
the path within


The retreat is suitable for all people of any age above 14 years old with or without experience in the practice of Hatha yoga or Meditation.

The physical/corporal classes are taught in a didactic way for all levels of practitioners, having as main foundation the correct and appropriate alignment in each asana.
This retreat is led by 2 teachers, and personalized adjustments and corrections will be offered throughout the learning process.

The main mission of the retreat is to use the practice of Yoga in its fullest amplitude to open the doors within ourselves, thus enabling us to understand who we really are living in the circumstances of our own lives and of this world where we are, here and now.

Eventually rediscover the path that was divinely traced for each one of us.
We call this path in yoga Dharma. Our Divine mission on this planet.

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Our Hatha yoga practices will be in the morning.

We will have local activities that will be offered by the local, always optional.

One hour before dinner we will have our Samyama/Meditation practice.


Brazilian, I live in the United States – California for 16 years, I have been a yoga instructor since 2000.

I am passionate about the teachings of Yoga, I started practicing Yoga in 1997 with Master DeRose – Swasthya where I realized that with constant and consistent practice we can transform not only physical aspects, but also mental and emotional ones, reaching more subtle levels of consciousness.

I graduated from the DeRose method – 400hrs in 2000 and started teaching in São Paulo in the Moema neighborhood.

In 2006 I decided to move to California to study other methods of yoga – I graduated in Vinyasa Yoga from the Yogaworks school – 500hrs in 2010.

Studying with Teachers of various styles of yoga. I studied and still study with Lisa Walford – Iyengar yoga, I have a very strong influence on my way of teaching that comes from this method. Chad Hamrim- Hatha yoga, Chad who is one of the few Masters of Hatha yoga still alive. Maty Ezraty – Ashtanga yoga, among others. In 2016 I studied at the University of Oxford – Hindu Tradition\ Philosophy of Yoga – Prof. doctor Nick Sutton.

From 2016 to 2019 I worked for Yogaworks in the teacher training department where I taught numerous teacher training trainings, so I specialized in teacher training and today I have my certification through the Yoga Alliance, which allows me to certify teachers anywhere in the world .

Today I live in California, where I have a yoga Studio called The Yoga Center where I coordinate the Teacher Training department and also teach classes regularly.

the path within
the path within

Szymon has been practicing Yoga since 2007. 

He began teaching full time in 2008 as his love for yoga deepened with practice. His teachings encompass different styles and philosophies through his own studies with some of the finest teachers throughout the world. 

Szymon teaches intelligent yoga. Movement with intelligence. Knowing when to push and challenge a student and also knows when to stop, be aware, respect and listen to the body.
Szymon observes, provides attention to all students in class, adjusts poses to better alignment to avoid injury and asks each of his students to pay close attention to what they are doing and not just do the pose as it defeats the idea of what yoga really is. Through his skill and playfulness he makes yoga accessible to every body while ultimately creating a loving and long lasting relationship with life.

Acomodação Piracanga

In all accommodations: hot water, bed linen, bath towels, mosquito netting, WiFi internet, 100% biodegradable personal hygiene kit and balconies with hammock.

Designed with large windows, well ventilated, balconies and prioritizing the use of local materials with low environmental impact.

In the most privileged location in Piracanga: in front of the river and the sea, surrounded by exuberant nature.

We offer different categories of accommodation, ranging from private suites to beds in dormitories.


So you don’t have to worry about anything else, all your food is included in this retreat package.

You will have delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner every day served at Unah restaurant.

Our cuisine is 100% vegetable based. That is, no ingredients of animal origin are used in the preparation of the dishes.

This is an invitation for you to notice the change in your body, from a balanced and healthy nutrition.

Even those who have never had contact with this type of food are surprised by the quality, nutrition and flavors that we offer in our restaurant.

Restaurante Vegano Piracanga
Ecovila Piracanga Bahia

We are privileged to be in a nursery in the Atlantic Forest.

Our respect for Nature goes far beyond theory. Here we experience sustainability in practice, in our day-to-day life.

In our landscapes we can enjoy a wild mangrove, a deserted beach, a preserved forest and at the meeting of the Piracanga river with the sea, observe the dawn to the singing of birds.

Contact with Nature heals us, calms us down, connects us. When you’re here, practice the exercise of feeling and listening to your messages.


It is essential that you follow our coexistence agreements:

We only use 100% biodegradable products: this care is essential to keep our water source pure. We have several options available in our stores.

We do not use consciousness alterers: it is not allowed to use alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana and others inside Piracanga.

Waste produced: must be cleaned, separated and sent to the recycling center.

Pets: are not allowed, as they hunt and scare the wild fauna that already lives here.

Banheiro Seco Piracanga


In order for you to make the most of your experience at Unah Piracanga, our packages for this retreat already include:

  • Accommodation: throughout the retreat, the type of accommodation that best suits your needs.
    • 7 nights
    • check-in: on 19/aug from 2 pm
    • check-out: on 26/Aug until 10am
    • You can add daily if you stay longer.
  • Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the entire period.
    • Start: dinner on 19/Aug
    • End: lunch on 26/Aug
  • Activities: All retreat activities and class hours.
  • Personal Hygiene Kit: 100% biodegradable, with shampoo, soap, and toothpaste.


The value of the complete package to participate in the retreat

The Path Wilthin is from

🇺🇸 US$ 2.250

Your reservation must be made in 2 steps:



Accommodation + Complete meals during the entire retreat (7 nights): from US$ 250

Choose your accommodation by clicking the button below:


The amount to reserve your spot at the retreat is: US$ 2.000

Click the button below to proceed:

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