november 3-10, 2022
retiro corpos selvagens de amor2

IMPORTANT: This retreat is going to be facilitated in Portuguese with the possibility for simultaneous translation for English speakers. For translation service, it is required an additional fee.

The Wild Body of Love Retreat of Quantum Being is a profound step in your journey of healing, empowerment, and liberation.

The teachings are intensive and radical during a seven-day retreat, in which students will be surrounded by breathtaking nature, to really take a big step of integration in their lives, reconnecting mind, heart and sexuality.


Here we offer the precious opportunity to unfold the records of pain and separation acquired throughout life, making room for the flowering of our most authentic being. Allowing the expression and experience of the flow of love in all of our relationships.

We carefully create a space and collective care in the safest way we can, but this intensive is not for everyone. We strongly believe in the inner power of you as a participant and your self-responsibility.

Together we create a new society.

retiro corpos selvagens de amor

The Wild Body of Love Retreat is not open to anyone, we select people that we feel are prepared and aligned with the proposal, please fill out the application form below and wait for our team to get in touch.
Spaces are limited and fill up fast!

This is a retreat of empowerment and self responsibility with your emotions, and it’s not exclusive to couples, but couples are super welcome. (We have 3 spots available for couples)


START: 03/Nov at 5pm

END: 10/Nov at 12pm

🌟Connection with the primal body, the baby and the inner child;


🌟Awaken your vital energy in an environment of safety, freedom and love

🌟Deep listening of emotions in the body. Support for unblocking trauma and opening for spontaneous healing

🌟 The power of expansion and initiation through the energy of Eros

🌟 Feminine and masculine polarities and the expansion of the flow of love that generates life

🌟 Ceremonies and rituals that make room for the wisdom of the mystery of love and our inner healer to work.

  • Complete Accommodation: in the accommodation category that best meets your needs
  • 3 Meals included: breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Materials
  • Follow-up in the Whatsapp exclusive group for the retreat
  • Post-retreat follow-up: 2 virtual meetings with your internal group + 2 online meetings with the Wild Body of Love Tribe;
  • Access to the Members and Library area of the Exclusive Spiral of Life Platform with complementary content and bibliographic references on the subject.

Note: Transportation is NOT included in the retreat fee, but we can help arrange your arrival. Our service team will share contacts of people who offer this service to pick you up at Ilhéus airport and bring you to Piracanga.



“A lot of internal changes around here, a lot of paradigm shifts, a lot of enriching conversations within the relationship, my world view is very different!I have projects close to being launched, when I work, I feel much more productive, and being able to enjoy moments of idleness and self-pleasure more often, I feel sooooo powerful and full of myself! And I feel that there is still much more bark to come off, every day that passes I feel things making more sense, I feel pieces of my armor falling to the floor because they are old and fragile, my lust for life, for myself, for sex, for pleasure is bigger every day!”

Pedro Henrique

“In this retreat I felt the memory that I am human and that I can feel whatever it is, that everything is fine. I am more whole, feeling connection with my female lineage, with my mother’s mothers. I am safe, I
I can feel, I can desire, take my desire, I can say yes and no. Like this, in front of everyone.
I learned that the hook is just a hook. I can become aware that I’m hooked up with someone, teacher, crush, situation, place… and choose to unhook myself. Lightly without condemning myself for hooking or unhooking myself, nor condemning the other.
In a feel words, what resonated in the background was: trust the mystery and go! It’s body, it’s wild, it’s love.”


“I feel that I went to deep healing places in this retreat… my communication, my expression in life, my decision-making power improved a lot. Professional life took off… new patients arriving, new and bigger space in the clinic, I feel much more safe.”


retiro lideres a servico amor

Instructor of Quantum Being and its authorial courses, facilitator of sexuality retreats (CSA, LSA).

In dance I found my life purpose: to be present in the body, giving space to the pulsations of my soul. In pedagogy I learned to open my heart, to practice generosity and my ancestral virtues of humility. In meeting my life partner, Ron Oren, I learned to sustain and trust love to the point of raising a family together. This is me. I’ve traveled the world as a backpacker, I’ve been an academic (I studied at Unicamp Pedagogia), I’ve been a masseuse, I’ve been a leader and volunteer in various types of social projects (schools, hospitals, MST, health center), I’ve been a dancer (I participated of more than 20 improvisation contact festivals around the world), I have been an instructor of Thetahealing courses (of almost all the training grid) and today I consider myself a mother, instructor of Quantum Being and my authorial courses, therapist and facilitator of Sexuality Retreats and personal empowerment.

I have already given courses to more than 1,500 people and another 2,000 have already been attended in individual sessions.

The biggest thrill in my life is to create a new culture and society in which people are free to feel emotions, express their soul-body with true authenticity and spontaneity. All the work I do today is for the deep call to live like this: with a tribe, soul family that is no longer afraid to love and sustains the deep field of presence, sharing power and wisdom.

Instagram: @espiraldavida8

Website: espiraldavida8.com

Ron retiro lideres a servico amor

Instructor of Quantum Being and authorial courses, facilitator of sexuality retreats.

I was born and raised in a small community in the desert of Israel – Kibbutz Magen. From a very young age, I questioned myself and tried to explain the mystery of life and throughout my life I was motivated by a thirst to understand how the universe works. This thirst led me to a series of adventures, discoveries and new modalities around the world. I consider myself explorer of life, seeker of knowledge, leader, eternal student and lover of existence. On the way to professional dance I learned to let go of my ego and become a physical expression of the music of the universe. On the path of sustainability, I learned to be in harmony with nature and to take responsibility for the effects of my choices to live, consume and think. On the Spiritual path I learned to communicate with the invisible energies and create my reality.

I am a multidisciplinary therapist and teacher. I work and develop integrative ferments to create health and harmony in various areas of life including: Quantum Being, ThetaHealing, Shamanism, Sexuality, Parenting, Biodanza, Permaculture, Conflict Mediation and much more.

I am honored to train more than 1500 therapists worldwide, and have thousands of clients who want to help them live more authentic, empowered, healthy, abundant and fulfilled lives. In meeting Raquel Minako in 2012 I discovered the power of love and divine relationship aimed at greater service.

We are one, we are wonderful and we are together!

Or Koren

Instructor of Quantum Being and authorial courses, facilitator of sexuality retreats.

Hello, I’m Or Koren (radiating light), that’s my name since I was born and he’s been with me all my way.

The deep journeys I lead were naturally born out of the vast experience I’ve accumulated in the courses and processes I’ve taken in Israel, and around the world, and crystallized through tools that come from different methods and traditions, old and new.

My training includes: International School of ThetaHealing Teacher and Master, Senior Therapist of Shiatsu and Ancient Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Biorgonomics, EMF Electromagnetic Field Balancing, Qi Kong and Kung Fu Artist, Quantum Being, Family Constellation Facilitator and Teacher in the School of Body Arts (ISTA) for sexual shamanism and sacred sexuality.

Today I lead workshops and in-depth journeys in Israel, and around the world, in an authentic and empowering way, with the intention of healing, strengthening and growth in order to create a full, complete and meaningful life.

Acomodação Piracanga

All our rooms have: bed linen, bath towels, mosquito net, hot water, WiFi internet, 100% biodegradable personal hygiene kit.

Designed with large windows, well ventilated, balconies with hammocks, and prioritizing the use of local materials with low environmental impact.

All our rooms have an extremely privileged location: in front of the Piracanga River and the sea, surrounded by exuberant nature.

Most have private bathrooms, and the cabins have shared outdoor bathrooms.


All your food is included in the retreat package, so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

You will have breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day served at the Unah restaurant.

Our cuisine is 100% plant-based. In other words, no ingredients of animal origin are used in the preparation of the dishes.

We believe that our relationship with what we eat can revolutionize the world. This is an opportunity for you to realize your body, from balanced and healthy nutrition during these days.

Restaurante Vegano Piracanga
Acomodação em Piracanga
Paradisiac Environment

In Piracanga we have the privilege of being in a nursery in the Atlantic Forest.

In our landscapes, we can enjoy a wild mangrove, a deserted beach, a preserved forest, and at the meeting of the Piracanga river with the sea, watch the dawn with the singing of birds.

It is in this scenario that you will experience every moment of your experience here. Nature supports us, nourishes, balances…

Practice the exercise of feeling and listening to your messages.


It is very important that you understand and share our coexistence agreements while in Piracanga:

  • We only use 100% biodegradable products: this care is essential to keep our water source pure. You will receive a gift kit on your arrival.
  • We maintain a 100% plant-based diet at the Unah center.
  • It is not allowed to use or remain under the influence of any type of drug (alcohol, marijuana, and others) inside Piracanga.
  • All waste produced by us must be cleaned, separated, and sent to the recycling center.
  • Pets are not allowed, as they hunt and scare the wild fauna that already lives here.


To make the most of your experience in Unah Piracanga, our packages already include:

  • Accommodation: for the entire period (7 nights), in the type of room that best suits your needs.
  • Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire period (starting at dinner on November 3rd and ending at lunch on November 10th).
  • Activities: all the activities and experiences of the Wild Body of Love Retreat 


The value of the complete package starts from 8x R$825 (total R$6,600), depending on the accommodation category you choose.

Get a discount on payments via pix or cash transfer!

To pre-register, click the button below:


*If you need simultaneous PT-EN translation, get in touch to find out the cost of the service.

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